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Guestbook Entries

Below are the entries to the guestbook by date and time. Included are those that had errors and are noted by ERR.

Date: 22 May 1998
Time: 14:52:18

I think your website is great. It's nice to know that you're on the web now.

I was a regular patron of your library during the 1992-93 academic year when I was studying French in Montpellier. I have good memories of all of the books I read while I was there. Keep up the good work!!

Question: if someone would like to donate books, how would one go about it?

Michelle Fernando Okland, CA

Date: 23 May 1998
Time: 21:18:36

Thanks, Michelle for the nice comments! I sent you an e-mail about book donations.

Thanks again,

Date: 10 Sep 1998
Time: 12:08:46

Hey Kevin!

It's been too long. This is Jonathan Bucki, remember me? I've been missing for over a year now.

I hope all is well. Regards to fafa.


Date: 21 Oct 1998
Time: 12:35:36

I spent a year in Montpellier ten years ago. As I am about to return for a visit, I decided to "visit" the web and find out what was available. Finding the web site was like finding a "home." The library was our anchor for the year we were there. The web site is EXCELLENT ! Thanks for being there (and here) Alice R. Abbott

Date: 03 Nov 1998
Time: 13:22:43

That was a discovery - as magic and as dear as a grandma's attic. The library seemed to me so warm and cheerfull as a Christmass gift, as a big colorfull cake in the childrens' eyes. I got hungry for all the precious knowledge that it was ressembling and taking care of. Impatient to occupy a little corner in it and dive in its treasures. Here I am back again. So from now on--silence. I'm diving.

Date: 30 Nov 1998
Time: 07:58:24

well done! It's great. Go ahead with American culture in Montpellier.

Date: 11 Jan 1999
Time: 16:54:51

Greetings from Minneapolis! I spent a year in Montpellier over 96-97 and visited your library many times. Merci d'avoir tant fait pour nous, les étudiants americains! Chris Stevens

Date: 05 Mar 1999
Time: 17:24:17

Very nice, informative page--which I was very pleased to find. Read about you in "The Grapevine", the AWG March newsletter. Since we are relocating to the Montpellier area, I hope to become a member soon. FGE March, 99 -

Date: 08 Mar 1999
Time: 08:36:20

Klaus von Klitzing

Date: 21 Mar 1999
Time: 22:29:58

My darling American Library....Thank you from the bottom of my heart and that of dozens of others who were present last Saturday for the performance of WORD FOR WORD. Can you tell me if the Gould Foun- dation has an email address?

Date: 23 Apr 1999
Time: 14:36:32

Fantastic website. I've been looking for French-English dictionaries for Chemistry, but I rarely find anything written this decade (or the last). Anyone know where I can find one?

-Magnus Rogers

Date: 24 Apr 1999
Time: 18:33:28

Sorry, Magnus. We don't have anything recent. I checked several university catalogs in France, Switzerland and Canada. Nothing interesting... I even checked UNH and Dartmouth. Try this site: . It has a good list of telnet connections to many libraries. Good Luck!

Date: 29 Apr 1999
Time: 13:41:24

I've realized that I'd not signed your guess book yet ! I know, it's a shame ! So Hi Kevin and Fafa, you're site is 'à la hauteur' of the library. Go on, you're doing a great job ! :-))) Lionel

Date: 07 May 1999
Time: 03:57:54

Gooday dear assholes how are you?

Date: 07 May 1999
Time: 14:58:12

To the anonymous reader who posted the previous message,

Good day to you.
It is our policy not to edit or delete guestbook messages or posts to our forum. However, a message such as yours should be signed so we can all give due credit to the author of such a useful, clear and elegant posting.

By the way, my full name with its email link appears on the bottom of each of the 200+ pages of our web site.


Date: 13 Jun 1999
Time: 06:28:37

where are pictures concerning the library?

Date: 26 Jun 1999
Time: 20:00:51

Great Web Site. Keep working on your periodicals catalogue. I've found some excellent references using the search form

David Thompson

Date: 13 Jul 1999
Time: 13:49:44

A well another summer of frolicing at the beaching, or just lying in the sun with a good book in hand (not necessarily reading it), which we have taken out at the ALatM, awell, the books that will be returned must be devoid of sand,

so all have a nice summer

bye for now john

Date: 05 Nov 1999
Time: 10:38:39

Noverbre 5 1999

Hi my name is Cliffton Burns and I live in America Igo to school and I have a French class and I like it very much. My French name is Robert I can speck it a little but not a lot Quel temperature fait-il out side.

Date: 18 Nov 1999
Time: 16:22:32

I studied in Montpellier in 1985-1986 and attended many conversation sessions at the American Library. It's great to know that you now have a website.

Date: 28 Nov 1999
Time: 20:31:56

Bonjour Kevin! As it's been over 10 years now (1987-88) since I was in Montpellier, I'll not write in French! I am very impressed that La bibliotheque americaine has it's own web site now, and I have it book marked. I hope the library is ever expanding and would like be able to help. If you accept donations of materials, please let me know. Also, any one who remembers David McCrady from Western Kentucky University's program, send me an e-mail at!

Date: 08 Dec 1999
Time: 17:26:14

great page keep up the good work

Date: 07 Jan 2000
Time: 12:36:02

Hey this Web sit it go for my report im doing Jesse you were a great role modle!!!

Date: 11 Jan 2000
Time: 10:19:23

i need some info on the u.s. warships in 1932 and the university of el salvador massacre.

e mail me asap

Date: 20 Jan 2000
Time: 22:12:04

I am trying to get some information about Jean D'Arc, I just saw the picture and would like to get some more information, but the truth about her. Can you feed me back? Thank you

Mary Paz Castillo

Date: 25 Jan 2000
Time: 09:16:29

I don't have an e-mail address for you so I'll post this here. Here are some relevant web sites. Lots of material on the Britannica site The official Luc Besson Jeanne d'Arc film site Joan of Arc Museum in Rouen, France

Good luck, Kevin Lightner

Date: 25 Jan 2000
Time: 10:15:24

Hello from Lionel Chaumeau Et serieux, Bon courage a tous pour le demmenagement... Very sorry to hear that you won't be part of the adventure anymore Kevin, by losing you the Library loses a LOT !!!!! Bon courage a toi aussi, en esperant te revoir sur Montpeul


Date: 25 Jan 2000
Time: 11:48:54

Hi...I lived in Montpellier in the early 80's. I was a student there and missed home very much! I used The American Library all the time for publications from my country and read books in English. I enjoyed it so much. At the time Francoise worked there....she was always so friendly. Colleen

Date: 30 Jan 2000
Time: 10:37:25

I am a 14 year old girl from Northern Ireland and at the moment I am doing a project on abortion. I would like to say that I thought that abortion wasn't that bad but now after reading this website I think it is the most unforgivable thing. Today (30/1/00) is Life Sunday and it is a day to be for life and to think of the unborn babies. Thank you so much for helping me decide.

Are you sure you signed the correct guestbook?
I don't see how anything on OUR Web site could have influenced your decision. You must be referring to another site. Our library, if we are doing our job correctly, is a repository of information and resources covering the entire spectum of viewpoints and, as such, expresses no opinion of its own about any issue.
Anyway, thank you for your interest in the American Library.
-Kevin Lightner

Date: 02 Feb 2000
Time: 08:13:31

hi i' am from lebanon please i need some information about the book of Robert Hatem and he is a lebanon man and the book name is a "al fadaih"

please answer me on my hotmail

Date: 10 Feb 2000
Time: 11:25:33

I couldn't believe it the first time that I walked into the American library here in Montpellier. Given any city in the world, given any two cultures, such a convenient and popular center of cultural exchange is rare. So even greater was my disbelief when I found out that, for all intents and purposes, the library was being closed. You would think that the response to the success of the American Library would be to encourage even more such centers --- for Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc., further complementing the university’s role in making Montpellier an international city. It’s sad to think that once again petty parochial interests have triumphed over the forces actually trying to bring people closer.

Micul Thompson Montpellier

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:20:40

I'm a french exchange student spending the year in the States, it's nice to see that France is present in the Web . Bonjour a tous et bravo pour le site, il est genial . Lucie Benech

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:36:55

I don't like your site it needs more pictures and information.

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:36:56

I don't like your site it needs more pictures and information.

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:36:57

I don't like your site it needs more pictures and information.

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:36:59

I don't like your site it needs more pictures and information.

Date: 21 Feb 2000
Time: 18:37:00

I don't like your site it needs more pictures and information.

Date: 22 Feb 2000
Time: 09:15:49

1. Sorry you don't like it. Most people do... Any suggestions? 2. Sorry you don't like it. Most people do... Any suggestions? 3. Sorry you don't like it. Most people do... Any suggestions? 4. Sorry you don't like it. Most people do... Any suggestions? 5. Sorry you don't like it. Most people do... Any suggestions? Thanks, KL

Date: 24 Mar 2000
Time: 14:32:51

Wheee! Tiens! What a wonderful website! 

Richard Hiersch

Date: 21 Jun 2000
Time: 04:58:29

A very interesting and useful sight.


Date: 28 Jul 2000
Time: 19:33:16


I read the Feb 10, 2000 comment about the library closing. Is it true that you are closing?!?! I was in Montpellier as a student from Sept. 1996 through Jan. 1997 and have many fond memories of my visits to the library. (I don't know if anyone there would remember me. I was a tall girl with big glasses and brown hair and, by the end of my stay, my shoes were falling apart. I remember discussing the difficulties of finding shoes for large female feet in France, if that rings any bells.) If it is true, what can we do?

Emily Kaess (

Date: 28 Jul 2000
Time: 22:33:57

Emily, Don't worry. The Library hasn't closed. It has moved to a new building and it has changed quite a bit but the books are still available. See the "Home" page for the new address and the opening hours. You can see "l'évolution des choses" in the "What's New" section of this site. I'm no longer working at the library due to budget cuts, but Françoise is still there and I am keeping this site up-to-date as well as I can. The American Library is scheduled to move AGAIN to a new and more independent location in a couple of years. I'm sure it will resemble the library we knew and loved after this second move.


Date: 29 Aug 2000
Time: 16:36:38

where is the christmass cake?

Date: 03 Oct 2000
Time: 05:23:38

Hello! I'm a swedish student who wants to know if you have any feministic literature available on english?

Date: 11 Oct 2000
Time: 20:58:53

Your web site sucks

Date: 15 Oct 2000
Time: 21:32:24

Why, thank you. That was constructive. -KL

Date: 17 Oct 2000
Time: 01:16:25

well from what i have looked at it is really interesting i had to do a project on it and i have been on the internet for such a long time its not funny from Laura australia,victoria byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Date: 13 Nov 2000
Time: 14:16:22


I do not think it is good !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Date: 27 Nov 2000
Time: 17:57:02


I would like to thank you for this site. For weeks I look for an answer to a black history question that my daughter had from her 4th grade class. I was not successful. I noticed where I could e-mail Kevin for additional assistance. He responded almost immediately, and gave me the answer I had been looking for. Again, thank you.

Date: 07 Dec 2000
Time: 05:33:17


J'apprécie particulièrement les photos . Elles me rappellentl'ambiance si particulière de l'ancienne bibliothèque... Toutefois ,ce site est bien réalisé et agréable à visiter.

Date: 21 Dec 2000
Time: 04:36:37


This site is great and so are the facilities, also the staff are helpful and interesting to talk to! BJA

Date: 21 Feb 2001
Time: 16:01:15


toaha2001 @

Date: 11 May 2001
Time: 06:10:47


Hi Kevin. I just talked to an English teacher who reminded me of the library. Last time I went there was in 1998 when I was training for the TOEFL. We took an entire test and I made only one mistake and you thought I had cheated because YOU made two. Do you remember any of that? Anyway, I just wanted you to know I scored 667 on the real test... :) :) :) I'll come around the new library next week. Nice site, simple, comprehensive and clear design and content. See you around, PL.

Date: 30 Aug 2001
Time: 12:18:55


adress of web site university of canada for civil engeneer

Date: 13 Sep 2001
Time: 06:25:18


Hello everybody, My name is Lucas, and I was a Greek / French student for 2 years in Montpellier. I was a member of your library. You offered to me something unique with your discusion meetings. I met Americans and we became friends. Please continue your UNIQUE service, you are great, and I miss you.

Date: 22 Jan 2002
Time: 06:46:56


I think this website is rubbish to be perfectly honest. I wont be visiting again, if I can help it.

Date: 03 Sep 2002
Time: 23:27:20


IVAN REMUS How can one come for more study with this library,I am a graduate in nuclear physis from Nigeria you can e-mail

Date: 07 Jan 2003
Time: 14:05:03



Date: 02 Feb 2003
Time: 12:34:59


i need some information about effects of septmber 11,2001 terrorist attacks on world trade centre on pakistan economy as a e-mail address is

Date: 19 Feb 2003
Time: 12:56:13



Date: 24 Feb 2003
Time: 12:22:35


This is a GREAT website! The quality, the content, the color .. I was blown away!! Thanks for all the hard work guys! Woo hoo!!

Date: 05 Mar 2003
Time: 15:16:35


I thought your website was very informative. I learned a lot of stuff about the stock market crash during the Harlem Renaissance. I also like that you let people add their comments about this website. thanx

Date: 16 Mar 2003
Time: 20:30:05


Superb work...very well done indeed!! Exquisite Art

Date: 15 Apr 2003
Time: 09:11:39


i like how you have a lot of pictures to go with each littlesection(ex.the location,the history).sometimes people cann't relate to words,but they can relate to pictures

Date: 08 Jul 2003
Time: 16:01:54


Greetings from Kappa Alpha (order) Beta Nu (Chapter).

We loved the site, loved it!

Prof Michael Austin

Date: 27 Jul 2003
Time: 07:14:18


Nice site. Keep up the good work and please my dear brothers, A guyman has gotten to this bus stop already, so look forward

Date: 16 Aug 2003
Time: 06:55:54



Anyone else here from Texas? Anyway, don't let me detract, this is a great site.



Date: 16 Aug 2003
Time: 23:21:39


Thank you for allowing me to visit your web site.

Date: 04 Sep 2003
Time: 12:18:25


Lovely, informative site, thanks.

Date: 05 Sep 2003
Time: 13:22:19


So very glad I found this truly great site :-)

Date: 06 Sep 2003
Time: 01:30:42


Hello from Istanbul


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