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MASS MEDIA (1) - in general

see also: Television, Radio, or Journalism for specific types of media. Numéro spéciale sur "Mass Media et Idéologie aux Etats-Unis":

"Beliefs, Values, and Reality: The U.S. and Its Media System", Merrill; "Le vécu et l'imaginaire dans l'idéologie de masse aux USA", Astre; "Images of America in its 20th Century Media", Emery; "Truth, Justice, and the American Way", Dorfman; "The Media and the Dream: The Progressive Rides Again", Bertrand; "Le cinéma américain ou les ambiguïtés d'un médium de masse", Bidaud; "Media and Imperialism", Schiller Revue Française d'Etudes Américaines, No.6, Oct. 1978.

"The Seamless Web: Media and Power in the Post- Modern Global Village", McLeod, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 25, N02, Fall 1991.

"How the Media 'Cover' Labor", Mort, Dissent, Winter 1992.

"A Nervous Theory: The Troubling Gaze of Psychoanalysis in Media Studies", Saper, Diacritics, Vol. 21, N04, Winter 1991.

Mass Communications and Higher Ed -- Special Issue (for list of articles see EDUCATION - Universities (4) card.), Syracuse Scholar, Vol. 10, N01.

"Les mass media aux Etats-Unis", Boggart, Dialogue, Vol. 5, No.3-4, 1974.

"The Mass Media: Opportunities and Threats", Sussman, Dialogue, Vol. 12, N03, 1979.

"Les mass-media: un pouvoir prometteur et menaçant", Sussman, Dialogue, Vol. 11, No.1, 1980.

"Electronic Revolution of the Philippines", Brisbin, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 22, No.3, Winter 88.

Special Issue: Media, Communication, in Education "How Massive are the Mass Media?", The Syracuse Scholar, Vol. 10, No.1,1990.

"Discovering Shock City: Houston and the Public Media" Kennedy, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 15, No.4, Spring 1982.

"Teacher Image and the Hidden Curriculum", Gebner, The American Scholar, Vol. 42, No.1, Winter 1972-1973.

"The Impact of the Media", Partisan Review, Vol. 58, No.2, 1991.

"Operation Desert Strom as 'Wargames': Sport, War, and Media Intertextuality", Sodari, Journal of American Culture, Vol. 16, No.1, Spring 1993.

"Mass Media, Esoteric Groups and Folkloristics (in Norway)", Djupedal, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 26, No.4, Spring 1993.

"The Masses: The Implosion of the Social in the Media" Baudrillard, New Literary History, Vol. 16, No.3, Spring 1985.

"The Role of the Media in the Occult Revival", Weimann Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 18, No.4, Spring 85.

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"Literary Studies +/- Literature: Friedrich A. Kittler's Media Histories", Griffin; "The City Is a Medium", Kittler; New Literary History, Vol.27, No.4, Autumn 1996.

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